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About Crown

Crown Uitzendgroep is a young temporary employment agency established in 2010. We are approachable, and work quickly and in a professional manner. We operate with a no-nonsense mentality. This is what we are known for and this is also the secret of our success.

Crown Uitzendgroep is composed of seven professionals with Jeroen Krijgh at its helm. Everybody is young, enthusiastic, has a vast knowledge of job placement and experience in this line of business. In addition, we all have one thing in common: we love working.

Happy people
You can visit our office in Veghel (Doornhoek 3842) without any prior notice. We warmly welcome both employers as well as our workers, who visit to ask questions or for advice. We work this way because we always want to take actions quickly. Obviously, this is time-consuming. However, in return we achieve much more: happy people. This is what we strive for.